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COOPER BUILDING/LA FASHION DISTIRCT IMAGE PIECE; 6 piece series on the nexus of the LA Fashion District; Twin Planet  Comunications; Alan Wachs, Producer; Greg Gold, Director; Currently in production.

UNTITLED WOUNDED WARRIORS /GLIDER PROJECT; (Feature length documentary); Viral Video Inc.; Geoff Schaaf, Director/Producer;  Currently in production.

ON THE SET; (Two half-hour specials for HGTV/CBS Eye Productions); Hal Gessner, Executive Producer; Geoff Schaaf, Producer/Director/DP; Video link available on request.

ALYSSA “GRAHAM ROUND AND ROUND”; (Music Video); Twin Planet Communications; Alan Wachs, Producer. Greg Gold, Director. 

ALYSSA GRAHAM “‘TIL MY HEART QUAKES”; (Music Video) Twin Planet Communications; Alan Wachs, Producer; Greg Gold, Director.

SHELTER ISLAND; (Feature film); Thriller starring Ally Sheedy, Stephen Baldwin, Patsy Kensit, Chris Penn. Paul Corvino, Producer; Geoff Schaaf, Director.

PRIVATE; (Webisode Series); 26 webisode series for Johnson and Johnson; Dennie Gordon, Director; Geoff Schaaf, Producer/DP.
MIDDLE AGES; (Half hour comedy pilot); Michael Weaver, Producer/Star/Writer; Geoff Schaaf, Mike Weaver, Co-directors.

THE CAMPAIGN TO SAVE VENDOVI ISLAND; (Promotional Video); The San Juan Preservation Trust; Geoff Schaaf Producer/Director/DP.

 ONE GERMANY: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL; (Feature length documentary); explores the issues East and West Germans still face resulting from reunification. Gabrielle Hayes, Producer. Mark Hayes, Director.

10 CLICHES THAT ARE NOT IN “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU” PROMO; (Promotional Video); Starring Bradley Cooper, Justin Long, Kevin Connolly. Chris Secani, Producer. Ken Kwapis, Director.

EAT, DRINK, LAUGH;  (Feature Documentary); Headlining Chris Rock, Jay Leno,  Eddy Murphy, and many others; Abby Russell, Brent Nemetz, Producer/Directors

A DAY WITH GIANNI GOLFERA; (Promotional Video); Kairos Media Production; Vlad Marsavin, Director.

THAILAND: EXOTIC AND DELICIOUS; (Webisode Series); 10 webisode series shot in Thailand and Cambodia; Dennie Gordon, Director; Geoff Schaaf, Producer/DP.

LOCAL VOICES CAMPAIGN; (Spots for the 2008 Presidential Race); Geoff Schaaf/Lee Hirsch, Co-producers;  Lee Hirsch, Director.

UNLISTED; (Feature Documentary); A daughter reunites with her schizophrenic father. Delaney Ruston, M.D., Producer/Director.

PORTAL; (Feature Film); Sci-fi/Horror starring Chris Conrad, Kevin Dobson, and Alexander Martin. Producers, Suzanne Lyons, Kate Robbins, James Thorp. Director, Geoff Schaaf

SÉANCE (Feature Film) Thriller/Horror starring Adrian Paul, A.J. Lamas, and Kandis Erickson. Producers, Suzanne Lyons, Kate Robbins, James Thorp.

CANDYSTRIPERS (Feature Film) Thriller/Horror; starring Scott Aaronson, Brian Lloyd, Sarah Mc Guire. Producers, Suzanne Lyons, Kate Robbins, James Thorp.

BEAT  COPS PILOT; (TV Pilot) Conan O’Brien, EP.,
A.J. Morewitz, Prod., Dennie Gordon, Dir.

GLORY DAYS PILOT; (TV Pilot) Kevin Williamson, EP; Dennie Gordon, Dir.

DETERMINATION OF DEATH;  (Feature Film) Papazian Hirsch/World International Network; Jim Hirsch, Bob Papazian,  EPs; Michael Miller, Dir.

JACK & JILL PILOT+SERIES (Episodic); Warner Bros. TV for The WB; Randy Singer, Mike Pavone, EPs.

CHARMED;  (Episodic) Spelling Productions for The  WB;  Brad Kern, EP; Les Sheldon, Prod.

I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE;  (TV Movie)  Paramount Pictures for UPN; Nancy Malone, Dir.

REAL LIFE PILOT: (TV Pilot)  Sony Tristar TV for ABC;Randy Singer, Paul Stupin, EP;  Dennie Gordon, Dir.

EARLY EDITION: (Episodic)   Columbia Tri-Star TV; Bob Brush, Jeff Melvoin,  EP;  Gary Nelson, Prod.

GHOST OF A CHANCE;(TV Pilot) Paul Haggis Prod.  for CBS; Paul Pompian, Prod; Paul Haggis, Dir.

THE   BURNING  ZONE;(Episodic) Universal Studios for UPN; Robert  Papazian, Jim Hirsch, Jim McAdams, Bob Minkoff, EP

FIRE COMPANY 132; (Pilot+Series) 20th Century Fox TV, Papazian Hirsch Ent.; Gordon Greisman, Patrick Hasburgh,  EP; Jim Hirsch, Prod;  Randy Zisk, pilot Dir.

SEAQUEST; (Episodic) Amblin Entertainment; Steve Beers, Prod; Patrick Hasburgh, Clifton Campbell, EP

RUSSIAN  GODFATHER; (Feature Film) Hollywood Star Entertainment; Jorgo Ostenoski, Dir.

MIDNIGHT HEAT; (Feature Film) Armitraj Entertainment; 
Allan Goldstein, Dir.

1994 FORTUNE HUNTER; (Episodic)  Columbia Pictures TV;  
Steve Beers, Boris Malden, Prods;  Frank Lupo,  EP.

EMPTY CRADLE;(TV Movie) Papazian-Hirsch Entertainment, for ABC; Paul Schneider, Dir.

EL   REGALLO  DE  PAQUITO; (TV Movie) Telemundo Network;  Luis Avalos,  Dir.  2 EMMY Nominations.

ALL AMERICAN MURDER; (Feature Film) Enchantment Pictures; Anson Williams, Dir.

FATAL EXPOSURE; (TV Movie) Wilshire Court Prod. for USA Network;   Alan Metzger, Dir.

1990  A QUESTION ABOUT SEX; (ABC After School Special) Guber- Peters Ent.; Tom Skerritt, Dir.

SWAMP THING, THE SERIES; (Episodic) BBK Productions for USA Network;  Boris Malden, Prod.

THE CHINA LAKE MURDERS;  (TV Movie) Papazian-Hirsch Ent. for  USA Network;  Alan Metzger, Dir.

THE   ABYSS;   (Feature Film) B Camera Operator; G.J.P. Inc. James Cameron, Dir.
More than 400 travel, adventure and sports documentary films as DP/Director, including "Sharks of Rangiroa," "Hanglider Skiing in the French Alps,"  "Dreams of Tahiti," and  "Tour de France."

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